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Baccarat Betting

In Betting Betting is quite simple, as there are only three possible bets you can make - these are BANKER, PLAYER or TIE.

These bets have their own place on the baccarat betting table and they also have their own pay-off (how much will return when you are a winner).

You should be sure to understand betting baccarat before you play so you can be comfortable you know what you are doing - when you're ready to play for free then click on the link to our recommended casino at the bottom of this page.

The Banker

When baccarat betting, this is the most common baccarat bet. The Banker has the lowest house advantage and beneficial third-card rules.

Because of the low house advantage (just over 1%) you will be charged a commission of (usually) 5% on any winning hands. The good thing about playing online is your payments and payouts are automatically managed by the casino software, but in real-life situations you should be careful to check when the commissions are taken as if they are left to when you leave the table you may find you have no funds left to pay the commission due - a problem! Payout is 1:1 (even, minus the commission)

The Player

A baccarat bet on the player is the exact opposite to betting on the banker.

The players hand has slightly less beneficial rules when it comes to drawing the third card and also acts before the banker. This makes for a slightly higher house advantage on the player bet when compared to the banker.

The payout when baccarat betting on the PLAYER is 1:1 (which again is Even, but due to the increased house advantage (1.3%) there is no commission to be paid on this bet.

Learn Baccarat Online

When you wish to learn baccarat and play baccarat online, the best way for you to do so, without any risk, is to play baccarat free at this casino - we recommend this casino as they offer a good cross-section of casino games and are honest and trusted.

You will be able to practice your baccarat betting for free then once you are happy you understand the baccarat rules, how to play baccarat, and of course baccarat betting, then you will be able to progress to real money - they'll even give you a huge bonus on your deposit!

The Tie

When you bet on the TIE, you are wanting to see both hands end with an equal value.

The odds of this happening (as you no doubt can imagine) are not high at all which results in their being a house advanatge on the tie bet of more than 15%.

Compared to the comparitively low house edge on the BANKER and PLAYER bets the TIE bet is often known as a "Sucker-Bet".

Payout is 8:1 (again, without any commission to be paid)


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